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The goal of AblazeCustom is to let people make their own concentrate at home , and no need to buy from outsources that might mess up your product.

We deeply believed that the extraction equipment are overly priced . Why , because we are the supplier for the extraction companies and we know how things go . We began to offer extraction-related items since the year of 2008, from silicone products , glasswares to stainless steel parts , Ablaze tried to cover them all with our own manufacturer .

One pound extractor charges about $1500 ?????

It's a robbery !

With AblazeCustom , you will never worry about buying over priced extraction product . Ablaze will help you to get the same quality product with a killing price !

At the same time , Ablaze makes sure you get the best shopping experience , if we don't have the items you looking for , we will help to find the match items on Amazon that not only make sure you get the best price, but also ensure your shopping experience.Or you can just give us a message and will customize or source for you !

Not confined to United States customers  , other countries like Canada , United Kingdom , Spain and Mexico customers can also get the FREE SHIPPING.

And 30 DAY MONEY BACK .See more.

 If you have any questions about extracting , welcome to join our community .

We bring the extraction equipment the price it should be.

Happy Shopping and Happy Extracting .